Our sparkling wines

Griffin Zero is our sparkling wine made using traditional methods and without added sugar or liqueur. Griffin Brut is the first certified Croatian sparkling wine with the Premium seal. Griffin Rose and Griffin Dark Side are both made from Portuguese varieties. Enriched with raspberry, strawberry, and cherry, Rose is ideal for summer. Dark Side is the only dark sparkling wine of the Portugizer variety and is a sensation waiting for you to discover. These sparkling wines offer wine lovers something different to enjoy and learn.

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The classic

Griffin Zero

This sparkling wine is produced by classic methodology with no added liqueur or sugars leaving it crispy and dry—Compley and creamy. The basis is the Chardonnay variety, but caramel flavors prevail. Butter and vanilla from oak barrels

Griffin Zero

100% chardonnay

Altitude: 400m

Farming system: Single guyot

Planting density:  1,6m

Southern exposure of the vineyard

Limestone and clay soil

Time of harvest: 15.08.2018.
Alc.: 12.00%

Butter, caramel, lime, green apple

Vinification: The grapes are harvested early into crates to preserve acidity; they are destalked and must remain on the skins for two days on cryomaceration. After soft pressing, the must is decanted, racked, and inoculated with yeasts. It ferments at 16⁰C in stainless steel vats, the wine obtained remains on the fine lees with continual stirring until April, and it carries out its malolactic fermentation. At the end of April, it is bottled and prepared for the ‘tirage’; it remains on the lees for 36 months and is then disgorged without adding any sugar or liqueur.

Griffin Zero sparkling wine was produced using the classic method, aged for three years on yeasts, without liquor and sugar, crispy dry, but very complex and creamy. This sparkling wine is always our choice as an accompaniment to gastronomy and our pride in front of the most demanding wine audience.

The first

Griffin brut

This sparkling wine was Croatia’s first sparkling wine, given the premium sparkling Wine Certification. The Muller-Thurgau variety, known for its floral and fruity aromas combined with its lively nature, gives it a distinct apple green-yellowish color dominated by apple, citrus, and flowers. Its elegance is unmistakable.

The elegant

Griffin Rose

Made from the Portugizer variety known for its fruity scents and slight tannins from famous young autumn wine. The aromatics of raspberry, cherry, and strawberry linger. Its rich pink color and refreshing elegance make it ideal for hot summer days and nights.

The rich

Griffin Dark Side

This premium sparkling wine awakens your imagination with its dense rich foam and dark color from the Portugizer variety. It has a very expressive fruity bouquet with aromas of raspberries and cherries. It holds ripe tannins which complement the fruit flavors ad makes this one a top-quality and original sparkling red wine.